Friday, March 18, 2011

Chinese Food

     Okay so this story really starts here. I was looking for Christmas presents last year and stumbled upon this on Amazon. The author is supposed to be a Cantonese Julia Child. It looked really authentic and was supposed to be half text book/ half cookbook similar to my bread book that started my food blog
     I was really tempted but I was worried because my husband is known to be a little snobby when it comes to Chinese food. (apparently Panda isn't authentic?) Anyways, I found something better and moved on. A couple months later somehow it got brought up and I showed it to him. He was so excited! (missed perfect gift giving opportunity) He couldn't wait to have it and all of the sudden started remembering gift checks that had just been deposited and never really used. So this Sunday we decided to show off our fancy culinary skills for the inlaws. This is what we made:

(excuse the ugly picture, by the time it was all ready I was too tired and hungry to go find our camera so this was taken with my phone)

Long beans with Roasted Sesame Seeds
(These are cut up they really were like 18in long)

Crisp Beef
(This was A-MAZING! including sichuan peppercorn paste, hot bean sauce, sweet bean sauce, and hot pepper oil. Surprisingly, it wasn't that spicy just really intense flavor)

Beijing Baked Bread w/ Scallion Oil

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