Friday, June 24, 2011

WGB: Cinnamon Rolls

 I planned on making these beauties for breakfast on Father's Day. Well... we ate them for dessert instead.
I suppose that is a better category anyways.
 Mmm, they look so good someone just couldn't wait!

I'm still looking for a gooey cinnamon roll like the kind you buy at the mall. I added some extra cinnamon and sugar, but I guess my conscious won't let me add enough.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kneadless Pot Bread

After hearing about my Whole Grains challenge a friend of ours suggested a book by Nancy Baggett entitled Kneadlessly Simple: Fabulous Fuss Free No-Knead Breads.
I must say that the simplicity of these breads is over exaggerated in my opinion. Yes you don't have to knead them, but they still take 2-3 days with various care in between. I do think though that once you learn her process better it would become simple, but I don't think Peter Reinharts bread are anymore complex. (well maybe a little)

That said, I love the crust and moist crumb on this bread. We ate it with french onion soup and it was the perfect soup bread. Spongy enough to soak up the broth, but with enough integrity to hold up. I am very intrigued by pot breads now and intend to look more into those.  

WGB: Transitional Rye Bread

I have to be honest up until the Bread Baker's Apprentice I thought I didn't like rye bread. I was surprised by how mild rye flour can be when I baked for that challenge. That said this was my least favorite sandwich bread thus far. My bread turned out dense with a very tight crumb. My husband liked it, but I found it much to dense for a sandwich. It did make good toast though.

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On to the cinnamon rolls! I'm stepping out of the loaf breads for this one in honor of Father's Day. We'll be baking these for breakfast on Sunday.

Monday, June 13, 2011

WGB: Transitional Multigrain Revisited

Sorry this post is a little late, but hopefully I get an extension because this is try 2. The same thing happened this time though! It was raising beautifully then it fell in the oven. I think however that this time it was due to the dough being too wet. I was trying to see how wet I could keep my dough and I think I found the limit. This bread is quite tasty though. I even caught my 1 yr. old smelling it as he ate it :)

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WGB: Transitional Multigrain Sandwich Bread

I am planning on baking this bread again on Friday for some reason it fell in the oven :( It still makes very good toast, but is a little dense for sandwich bread. I figured I'd share a little teaser picture.