Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WGB: Transitional Multigrain Sandwich Bread

I am planning on baking this bread again on Friday for some reason it fell in the oven :( It still makes very good toast, but is a little dense for sandwich bread. I figured I'd share a little teaser picture.


  1. Been there done that. :) I'm going to get day 1 done today and bake tomorrow too. :)

  2. I chose to make a freestanding boule, which i cooled and froze to have at a later date.
    My post is up...

  3. Hi group....who ever is still with us...I don't recall if I posted this already, #7 Transitional multi Grain Hearth Bread, so here it is, perhaps again........
    I made # 8 yesterday, am very happy with it!