Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BBA: Artos, Christopomos

This is actually a Greek holiday bread, but what the heck school's almost over so we'll say we're celebrating that! :)

This was our first bread that required a pre-ferment and I was really excited, but in order to get everything done on Saturday Danny took charge of that piece.

I promise I will get better at taking pictures of the process, but this time we were in a mad dash to finish the bread before we had to go to church.

We ended up taking the loaf to a BBQ with the in-laws and it was devoured so I was unable to take pictures of the crumb. I kind of resembled a cinnamon bun with less sweetness and more fruit if that makes any sense. I was a little surprised at the density of the bread, for how much it rose I was expecting a light bread. However, this loaf was actually quite dense. I love how the loaf looks, even if our swirls didn't stick. Next time I will use a little bit of water to bind the curl to the bread.


  1. That is great that you shared your challenge #2 bread with the BBQer's. It looks yummy.
    Nice baking along with you.
    Great job,

  2. I think the pics are great! Now onto Bagels...? Maybe..or where the wind takes you.. happy baking!!