Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breakfast in a Crock-Pot?

So I am a sleeper, as in I could sleep till noon everyday of my life if no one woke me up. However, my husband is an eater, meaning his stomach wakes him up by 7:00am every morning. As you can see this is not exactly a match made in heaven. That was until I discovered... Breakfast in a Crock-Pot.

This is so cool! You put all of the ingredients in before you go to bed, set the cooker on low, and then in the morning you wake up to a hot breakfast that cooked itself.


  1. wow! I must say I must learn your secrets and get these recipes before you leave....

    Haha your gonna haft to learn how to cook all over again in Texas you know...

  2. My husband makes our breakfasts as I "get up at the crack of noon!" This looks so much like my breakfast casserole that sits in the fridge overnight and bakes in the you have a recipe to share?

  3. This recipe actually cooked all night and then was ready in the morning. I'm sorry I'm moving and am not sure what I did with the recipe I'll keep an eye out for it though.